iEvac Smoke/Fire Hood


Unlike other smoke hoods which have only a fabric neck dam, the iEvac has a silicone neck dam for the highest level of protection. The iEvac, made of a clear material, offers an improved field of view over other smoke masks & smoke hoods which have only a small window. And, compared with smoke hoods that have a single filter in front, our dual filters do not obstruct your view. These dual filters also allow for easier breathing, important when you are breathing hard and fast in a stressful situation. 3 high-visibility reflective strips aid first responders by making the wearer easy to locate in darkness and smoke.

Escape Hood


Weight of iEvac® in ready to use configuration:
  • 1.4 lbs. (635 grams)
Size of iEvac® folded in vacuum sealed foil bag:
  • Height: 5 1/2 in (14 cm)
  • Width: 5 1/2 in (14 cm)
  • Depth: 4 3/4 in (12 cm)
Shelf Life 5 1/2 years from date of manufacture.

For one-time use only

Read instructions before using.

Ordering info:

iEvac® Smoke/Fire Hood item # EBP-900
iEvac® Demo Hood item # EBP-200
iEvac® Nylon Carry-pouch item # EBP-250
iEvac® wall-mounting cabinet with alarm item # EBP-302
iEvac® Single Wall-mounting Rack item # EBP-305
iEvac® Double Wall-mounting Rack item # EBP-306

iEvac in vacuum-sealed foil bag

Safety Act Designated