Evacuaid PRO




New and unique emergency bracelet for faster and safer evacuation

A unique emergency hands-free bracelet for faster and safer evacuation in a number of emergencies. EVACUAID is the only combined emergency flashlight and man-down system. EVACUAID automatically becomes a hands-free flashlight and activates an audio alarm and strobe light signal to alert responders to evacuee’s location if they become immobilized. EVACUAID is extremely user-friendly for untrained personal to use in emergencies.

Challenging escape-routes (in industry, tunnels, underground facilities, earthquake-prone areas)
Evacuaid is typically worn on belt or wall mounted at strategic places together with other escape and emergency equipment, like escape hoods.

Employees with responsibilities during evacuation (at  public areas, hotels, hospitals, offices)
When the alarm is triggered, not everybody can simply leave the building. For employees responsible for others safety, Evacuaid is a great tool for faster and safer evacuation. Evacuaid is typically wall mounted at strategic places, by fire alarm panels, extinguishers and evacuation equipment or worn on belt.

  • Easy to use – simply strap on to activate
    If the user is immobilized, the alarm automatically triggers. When the bracelet is taken off, the bracelet automatically deactivates, ensuring no false alarms.
  • One size fits all–a secure fit ensuring activation for all wrist sizes As Evacuaid in most cases is not a personal device, it is vital that the strap fits all wrist sizes. Our robust silicone strap ensures that the strap is tight enough to activate the bracelet on small individuals yet elastic enough to fit industry workers in protective outfits. The strap might feel tight, but a secure fit is necessary to ensure activation in all situations.
  • No maintenance, no installation, no software upgrades.
    Evacuaid’s powerful lithium batteries and standalone technology ensures a convenient service concept. Evacuaid can be stored for 6 years without any maintenance, and still be operational for more than 20 hours in emergency mode. Unlike complex personal tracking and location systems, using GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, VHF signals, Evacuaid is standalone, requiring no installed infrastructure, software upgrades or extensive training.
  • Storing Evacuaid
    Wall mounted by fire alarm panels and extinguishers, at rally points, in tunnels and along challenging escape routes. Evacuaid can also be stored together with escape equipment, like escape-hoods and -chairs, in fire marshall kit or worn on belt.