The iEvac® is the perfect choice for Aviation

When there is a fire/smoke situation, the iEvac provides an unobstructed field of view with its clear material allowing the pilot to navigate and safely fly the aircraft.

Pilots and their passengers while experiencing a fire/smoke situation can be confident in knowing they have the American certified iEvac to provide the needed protection against carbon monoxide and other related gases.

Certification for the American standard requires the iEvac to undergo annual audits and testing to ensure product consistency and quality. Additionally, designated by U. S. Department of Homeland Security office of the Safety Act as anti-terrorism technology, the iEvac continues to meet and surpass each requirement.


Don’t be fooled by inexpensive escape hoods making claims that can’t be substantiated.

As the only American certified smoke/fire hood and DHS designation, iEvac is in a class by itself.

Escape Safely

With the iEvac® Fire Escape Hood