The iEvac® is used on boats, yachts and more!

With its’ American certification, the iEvac® has become the #1 choice for the maritime and yachting industry. With the ability to filter out smoke and many other gases, the iEvac® is a great choice for use in engine rooms and cabins. 

The iEvac’s® clear material can give the crew the ability to escape the engine room and/or cabins and breath in the event of a fire and/or if the suppression system discharges with a crew member inside.

At $189.99 and a 5 ½ year shelf life, the cost to a vessel is less than $35/year, saving thousands of dollars per year with the iEvac® compared to other options.

Certification for the American standard requires the iEvac® to undergo annual audits and testing to ensure product consistency and quality. Additionally, designated by U. S. Department of Homeland Security office of the Safety Act as anti-terrorism technology, the iEvac® continues to meet and surpass each requirement.


Don’t be fooled by inexpensive escape hoods making claims that can’t be substantiated.

As the only American certified smoke/fire hood and DHS designation, iEvac® is in a class by itself.

Escape Safely

With the iEvac® Fire Escape Hood