Our Story

Elmridge Protection Products, LLC was formed after the traumatic events of September 11, 2001.  Our mission was to design and provide respiratory products that protect against chemical, biological and fire related gases including Carbon Monoxide.

Our market research determined that there was a need for innovative respiratory products that would provide the highest level of filtration, were more comfortable for the user to wear, lighter in weight and smaller in size.

Meet Our Executive Team


Ira J. Gurvitch


Jamie Gurvitch

Business Development

Jonathan Tyfield

Quality Manager

Sadna O’Connell

Customer Service Administrator

Barbara L. Greenstein

Sales Executive

Laura Ruben

Finance Manager

Josh Scarfone

Marketing Manager

Brad Jeffery

Production Manager

Our Entry into the Market

The Potomac® Emergency Escape Mask was our first entry into the marketplace. The Potomac® protected against chemical and biological agents and is was certified under CE (Conformance European) and met many European Standards. The Potomac was the smallest and lightest certified mask on the market.

After many years of product development and extensive testing by the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, Edgewood Chemical Biological center and the independent laboratories of Intertek and Assay Technology, we were able to introduce the iEvac®Smoke/Fire Hood.

The iEvac® is certified by SEI – Safety Equipment Institute (www.SEInet.org) and is the first smoke hood certified to the first American standard. The iEvac® Smoke/Fire Hood is also designated as anti-terrorism technology by the United States Department of Homeland Security Safety Act.

Within the United States, the iEvac is currently being used by Federal, State, local Government Agencies, all branches of the Military, Fortune 500 Companies, Transit Authorities, Sporting Arenas, Marine, Aviation, Hospitals, Homeowners and more.

The iEvac has achieved worldwide acceptance for its groundbreaking technological advantages and is currently being used in over 70 Countries.

Our company is proud of our customer service abilities in providing expert technical support and customized programs while complying with customer safety requirements.

In 2018 Elmridge announced its Certification to ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001:2015 Certification brings Elmridge global recognition as a company focused on developing the highest quality management system for design and manufacturing.

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March 2020 – After fifteen months of research, development, prototyping and presentation, Elmridge was selected by the Department of Homeland Security as the winner of the Escape Respirator Challenge.

This enables Elmridge to continue working closely with DHS in developing its’ next generation Escape Respirator.

In addition, Elmridge has submitted new respirators to NIOSH which are expected to be introduced to the market by 4th quarter of 2023.

As we enter our 22st year in business, we thank you for your interest and confidence.

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