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Item number Description
E600-1 E600 Gas Mask with B1305 CS/CN/pleated HEPA Canister
E600-2 E600 Gas Mask with B1304 pleated HEPA Filter
E600 E600 Gas Mask
B1304-4 Pleated HEPA Filter-pack of 4
B1305-4 CS/CN/pleated HEPA Canister-pack of 4
8118014 SK-124 Head Harness Kit
8001141 KIT SK 1 Carry Strap
8011229 KIT SK-82 Respirator Plug
B1099 KIT Adaptor, 40mm for Portacount Testing
8102002 Optional Spectacle Frame

Spare Parts, Materials and Storage

Spare Parts: Head Harness, Respirator Plug and Carry Strap.

Materials: Face seal – silicone, Nose-cup – silicone, Visor – Polycarbonate (PC) + vitrification, Head Harness EPDM, Filter holder – Polyamide (PA) , All components in direct contact with user’s face are LATEX FREE

Storage: Temperature 14°F (-10°C )/122°F (50°C), Relative Humidity 80% max

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With B1304 Filter or B1305 Canister