E600 Gas Mask
Protection Designed for
Law Enforcement and First Responders

Civil Disturbances
Crowd Control
Crime Scenes
Border Patrol
Plant Security
Dangerous and Contaminated Environments



Impact resistant – tested to MIL-STD 662F:1997, V50 ballistic test for armor.

Anti-fog – proprietary design to avoid fogging on the visor through the control of cold and hot airflows inside the mask instead of using easily perishable surface treatments.

Polycarbonate optical class 1 allowing a panoramic view without optical distortions.

Extremely large panoramic viewing area measuring 32.25 sq. in. Improves compatibility with weapon sights.

A vitrification treatment on its surface makes it scratch resistant.

E600 Key Features

Mask Protection Factor is >15,000 – third party independently tested.

FDA Certified Silicone face seal & nose-cup for optimum comfort, better performance & longer life.

Harness is fixed on 6 attachment points directly to the rigid mask frame. This design avoids leaving marks on the user’s face, avoids pressure points and provides a more uniform seal.

Carry strap.

Optional Spectacle frame.

Design minimizes heat build-up.

Speaking Diaphragm.

Universal NATO Din40 screw in connection.

Uses reusable single canister or filter.

Optional canister or filter placement right or left side.

Low inhalation resistance, and low CO2 build-up.

Weighs only 1.3 lbs.

Two sizes – S/M and M/L

All components in direct contact with user’s face are LATEX FREE.

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With B1304 Filter or B1305 Canister