Assembling The Gas Mask

Attaching The Canister Or Filter

The design of the gas mask allows the use with a single canister or filter on either the right side or the left side of the facepiece. Remove plug and cap from canister or filter. Place canister or filter onto the preferred canister or filter receptacle. Hand-tighten by turning clockwise to ensure a good seal against the facepiece.

The unused receptacle must be sealed off by a Respirator Plug. Seal the respirator plug onto the facepiece by turning the respirator plug clockwise onto the receptacle until it stops.

  • 1. Arrange hair including facial hair so it cannot interfere with an effective seal.

    2.  Remove the clear thin protective film from the outside of the visor. 

  • 3. Loosen the adjustable straps so the end tabs are at the buckles.

  • 4. Insert chin well into the lower part of facepiece, then pull the harness back over head.Make sure the nose cup is covering your nose and mouth and the outer face seal fits under your chin.

  • 5. Pull the back of the harness downward toward the neck until it is centered at the back of your head. If necessary, hold the canister or filter with one hand and position the harness with the other hand, until obtaining a firm and comfortable fit against the face at all points.

  • 6. Tighten the adjustable straps by pulling the tabs, so that the facepiece is snug against face. Start with the middle straps, then the top straps and finally, the bottom straps. Ensure the harness remains centered on the back of the head with the straps flat against the head.

  • 7. If the facepiece does not feel snug against face, loosen the adjustable straps and reposition the back of the harness and nose-cup & retighten as in step 5.

Removing The Elmridge E600 Gas Mask

Return to an uncontaminated area before removing the gas mask. Check that the gas mask and your clothing are free from contaminant before removing. When it is safe to do, prepare to remove the gas mask by loosening the straps.

1. Push the buckles forward to loosen and fully extend all the straps.

2. Insert thumbs under the harness & pull the facepiece forward & up & over your head.

E600 Optional Spectacle Frame

Fitting Instructions
Keeping both tab closed, insert the frame inside the Elmridge E600 gas mask.
First insert the right hand side.
Then insert the entire frame.
One the frame is inserted, open the right temple.
Then open the left temple.
Position the frame at the center of the visor.
Ensure the cuts of the temples match the gasket ribs.
Light pressing allows positioning of the temples.
Press the frame against the gasket for perfect stability.
The mask is then ready for use.

Instruction for Replacing the Elmridge E600 Head Harness

The Head Harness 8118014 SK-124 has 6 adjusting straps and is made from rubber. Replace the head harness if there are any signs of splitting or excessive wear.

Pull the straps out through the buckles MI/6. Once the straps are out, fit the new head harness in by passing the straps through the buckles and ensure that they are fitted securely.

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