Fire Escape Cape™

Add a layer of protection for you and your family!

Fire Escape Cape™ Features

Cutting Edge Proprietary Material

Inherently Flame Resistant Material

Meets the stringent American and International Safety Standards

Attached Hood

Provides additional protection for head and neck

velcro opening

Provides additional room for easy access

FEC on Model Cut

Easily seen

Florescent lime green color lets you be easily seen by first responders and/or family members.

Hood Ties

Secures hood in Place

Fast and Easy to Use

when every second counts!​

Inherently Flame Resistant

The Fire Escape Cape™ meets the following American
and International standards with its cutting edge
proprietary material.

Protect Your Family

With the Fire Escape Cape!

Comes in 7 Different Sizes!

The Fire Escape Cape™ fits children to adults!

Sizing Table

Item Number
Fits Height
3’5″ to 4′
35″ x 60″ + Hood
4′ to 4’6″
40″ x 70″ + Hood
4’6″ to 5′
44″ x 80″ + Hood
5′ to 5’4″
48″ x 86″ + Hood
5’4″ to 5’9″
52″ x 94″ + Hood
5’9″ to 6’2″
56″ x 100″ + Hood
60″ x 110″ + Hood

Fire Escape Cape™ Flammability Test

Add a layer of protection

With the Fire Escape Cape!