The iEvac® Smoke Hood/Fire Mask is used in Industrial Facilities

Respiratory Protection for Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities are prone to fires and/or chemical leaks. An employer is responsible to ensure if an emergency situation occurs, their employees can evacuate safely from fires or industrial spills.

The iEvac Emergency Escape Respirator provides a broad range of protection from carbon monoxide, other fire related gases and industrial gases such as: ammonia, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde and many more. In addition, the iEvac has a Pleated HEPA Filter that removes sub-micron particles.

As the iEvac is to be used for evacuation purposes for Industrial facilities, OSHA does not require a fit test. In addition, the iEvac requires no maintenance.

iEvac Smoke Hood is small and simple to use. It can be stored in wall mounting cabinets or worn on one’s belt with a nylon carry pouch.


Certification for the American Standard requires the iEvac to undergo annual audits and testing to ensure product consistency and quality. Additionally, designated by U. S. Department of Homeland Security Office of the Safety Act as anti-terrorism technology, the iEvac continues to meet and surpass each requirement.


Don’t be fooled by inexpensive escape hoods making claims that can’t be substantiated.
As the only American Certified Smoke/Fire Hood and DHS designation, iEvac® is in a class by itself.

Escape Safely

With the iEvac® Fire Escape Hood