The iEvac® Smoke Hood/Fire Mask is used on subways, trains and buses!

Safety and Protection for Mass Transit

When using mass transit one is extremely vulnerable to a terrorist attack and/or a fire. A special concern is for subways, where smoke and fire can easily occur.

The iEvac is the only American Certified Smoke/Fire Hood that provides protection against carbon monoxide, the number 1 cause of injury or death in a smoke/fire situation. The iEvac Escape Respirator also protects against a host of additional gases that might be present during a fire or terrorist related incident. The iEvac has a Pleated HEPA Filter that protects against biological agents and radioactive particles.

The iEvac is currently being used by several large transit authorities and in some agencies every conductor carries the iEvac in a nylon carry pouch on their belt. This will allow for a more organized and safe evacuation from subways, trains and other forms of mass transit.


Certification for the American Standard requires the iEvac to undergo annual audits and testing to ensure product consistency and quality. Additionally, designated by the U. S. Department of Homeland Security Office of the Safety Act as anti-terrorism technology, the iEvac continues to meet and surpass each requirement.


Don’t be fooled by inexpensive escape hoods making claims that can’t be substantiated.
As the only American Certified Smoke/Fire Hood and DHS designation, iEvac is in a class by itself.

Escape Safely

With the iEvac® Fire Escape Hood