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  1. Greetings! I currently carry the iEvac every single time I board the NYC transit system, subway or bus, and I trust my life to it. Thank you for manufacturing an amazing product , and I wish you continued success and good luck with your upcoming products.

  2. Thank you, I received the smoke hoods in good condition and we have already been on holiday and taken flights with them in our hand luggage (one just never knows if/when they may be needed). It is comforting to have them with us even in hotel rooms.

  3. We are pleased with the Evac smoke hoods. As usual, we hope we never need them. That being said, we have had panel failures in our aircraft and the added security of having a few extra minutes of breathing is everything.

  4. My wife and I live on the 16th floor of a modern condo in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In the event of a fire, the elevators shut down. Concrete stairwells will keep us safe from fire, but not from smoke. My wife has knee arthritis and would take some time to descend the stairs. I wouldn’t leave her, so we ordered two of these iEvac hoods. They came well-packed and protected.