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B1304 Pleated HEPA Filter

B1304 Pleated HEPA Filter

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The B1304 Pleated HEPA Filter offers robust protection against biological agents, aerosols, and toxic powders with 99.996% filtration efficiency. Its reusable design, universal NATO Din 40 connection, and 12-year shelf life make it a reliable choice.

Paired with the E600 Gas Mask, this package delivers respiratory protection for Law enforcement, Corrections and First responders.

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B1304 Pleated HEPA Filter - Perfect solution for Law Enforcement, Corrections and First Responders.

The B1304 Pleated HEPA Filter is expertly engineered to provide respiratory protection. This high-efficiency filter protects against biological agents, viruses, aerosols, soot, fumes, vapors, and radioactive dust. With a pleated design, it ensures exceptional filtration, achieving 99.996% efficiency against 0.2-micron particulates, including toxic powders like fentanyl.

The filter is reusable and incorporates a universal NATO Din 40 screw-in connection. Boasting a 12-year shelf life, this filter is ideal for long-term use in critical and diverse environments.

Download B1304 Pleated HEPA Filter Brochure from HERE