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B1305 Riot Control Canister

B1305 Riot Control Canister

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The B1305 Riot Control Canister offers effective respiratory protection against CS/CN tear gas, OC pepper spray, and toxic powders. Its advanced HEPA filter ensures 99.996% efficiency, while the reusable design and universal NATO Din 40 connection provide a 10-year shelf life and reliable performance in high-risk scenarios.

Paired with the E600 Gas Mask, this package delivers respiratory protection for Law enforcement, Corrections and First responders.

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B1305 Riot Control Canister - Perfect solution for Law Enforcement, Corrections and First Responders.

The B1305 Riot Control Canister is specifically designed to provide reliable respiratory protection for law enforcement, corrections officers, first responders, and those involved in riot or crowd control. This versatile canister effectively guards against CS/CN tear gas and OC pepper spray, ensuring safety in hazardous environments.

Its advanced pleated HEPA filter delivers outstanding protection against toxic powders such as fentanyl, with a filtration efficiency of 99.996% for 0.2-micron particulates. The canister is reusable and features a universal NATO Din 40 screw-in connection. With a robust 10-year shelf life and over 48 hours of active protection in tear gas exposure, it offers dependable performance in critical situations.

Download B1305 Riot Control Canister Brochure from HERE