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E600 Optional Spectacle Frame

E600 Optional Spectacle Frame

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The E600 Optional Spectacle Frame enables users to fit their prescription lenses inside the E600 Gas Mask, providing clear vision without compromising the mask’s seal. Lightweight and durable, this frame offers a comfortable solution for maintaining visual acuity and safety while wearing the mask.

Paired with the E600 Gas Mask, these spectacles deliver comprehensive respiratory protection for Law enforcement, Corrections and First responders.

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E600 Optional Spectacle Frame

The E600 Optional Spectacle Frame is designed for individuals who require vision correction while using the E600 Gas Mask, ensuring clear vision and comfort without compromising the mask’s seal. This frame is compatible with prescription lenses, allowing users to have their custom lenses fitted by their optician, making it possible to achieve perfect eyesight inside the mask.

Crafted for easy integration, the frame fits seamlessly within the gas mask, maintaining the mask's airtight seal and overall safety.

Constructed from durable, lightweight materials, the frame is comfortable to wear and does not add unnecessary bulk or weight. Ideal for users who need to wear corrective lenses, the E600 Optional Spectacle Frame ensures optimal visual acuity and protection in critical environments.

Download E600 Optional Spectacle Frame Fitting instructions from HERE